Capped HoneyMedium SuperReady to Strain

Capped Honey

Ready to decapp

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Medium Super

Holding about 40 pounds of delicious gold.

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Ready to Strain

This is the fun part

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Our Mission

To provide high quality Natural Raw Unfiltered Honey.

Our Vision

Urban Beekeeping makes the best honey and is people friendly.

Bee Hive Removal Services

Contact Us For a Hive or Swarm Removal

Recent Removals

  • Safe Live Removal
  • NO pesticides
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Tested
  • Experienced

Why Choose Us

Because we’re good at what we do

Member of:
Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association
Texas Beekeepers Association

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'Hive Removal

Removing & relocating about 30,000 honey bees and 40 pounds of honey in second story floor joist area in Grand Prairie.



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